• Consultation
    • Our team knows that a good design must embody the brand image and help to highlight the key marketing message. We will analyse your brand personality and marketing requirement and suggest the most suitable exhibition stand designs to match your criteria.

  • Project Proposal
    • We will customize a proposal for each client after analysing the needs and requirements throughout discussions.


If you are looking for help to create designs which harness the full potential of additive structure see below for the types of service we can offer.

We also provide graphics services make or break the look of your structure. This is why, we have a special team in place that handles graphic production for you.
  • Interior Design
    • Retail shop
    • Show gallery
    • Office

  • 3D Design
    • Booth design
    • Window display
    • Product panel
    • Custom made structure

  • Graphic Design
    • Logo & identity
    • Business & advertising
    • Art & illustration


  • Build Services
    • Our all-inclusive and cost efficient packages include a host of services along with design and build. A highly skilled and competent team takes complete charge of the assembly and dismantling process of your build at the venue, to ascertain that you are show-ready on schedule.

  • Project Management
    • Our dedicated project managers will handle and oversee every aspect to ensure the structure will be delivered smoothly which many aspects require immediate attention and so does your set up, which is basically the star of the show.

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